Friday, October 18, 2013

Our 4th Year Anniversary

We are so excited to have celebrated our 4th year Anniversary. The last 4 years have been an incredible journey. Some our favorite memories have been getting our Dane Puppy who is a German Short Hair. Going on some amazing family trips, hunting, camping, skiing, and of course our infertility journey that has led us to our Adoption Journey.

We have both have had job changes, Amber went from Dental Assisting at Wasatch Family Dentistry in Heber to teaching Dental Assisting at AmeriTech College. Travis went from Plumbing with K-Tech Plumbing in Pleasant Grove to working for the State doing Plumbing.

We have enjoyed our families and friends. What an incredible four years!! We look forward to the years to come and to making more amazing memories.

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


                                   FRONT                                                                   BACK

We love our new adoption cards!!! Basic Invite did them by Brock!!!

You can check out there website here:

Basic Invite

We are in love with them and can't wait to get them out to everyone!!! 
If you would like to included in our list send us your address to our email

Monday, October 7, 2013

About US


We met in High School. Amber's sister Jocelyn had a class with Travis and she really thought he was a great guy for her little Sister. So she introduced us...
We dated off and on throughout High School.

What Travis says about Amber in High School: "She was and is a hottie! When we broke up in High School it didn't mean much at the time...but down the road when I got my second chance..I took it and ran with it!"

What Amber says about Travis in High School: " Travis was more on the didn't need to draw attention to himself. I thought he was really good looking and he always treated me with respect, opening my doors, and I always trusted him to take good care of me when I was with him....when my second chance came around with Travis I knew right off he is who I had been waiting for."

When we started dating again it was like we picked right back up where we left off in High School, but better!! We enjoyed being together doing anything and everything, exercising, cooking, cleaning, outdoors. We had a lot of fun!!

It wasn't long before we were talking about marriage. 


From Travis's point of view: " I knew I wanted to marry Amber when she came out to St. George for my softball game it was cemented in my mind. I had it all worked out. Since we had been spending every day together I told her I was going to go look at new trucks with my parents...little did she know I took them along to look at the ring. I set up a time to ask her Dad permission to marry her. I was nervous but he was awesome and we had a good talk. Then came the planning, I wanted to take her horseback riding and propose to her up in the mountains. I had my friend Brett get the horses ready for me then I waited for Amber to get off work. She got off work and I asked her if she wanted to go Horse back riding...she said " NO!, it is wet and rainy outside it really isn't a good day" I tried to convince her otherwise but it didn't work. So I had a plan B we will go for a drive up the mountains. We did and I asked her if she wanted to get out and walk to a minute. So we got out and walked up the trail...there was another couple up there so I had to wait to let them pass, we turned off the trail, by a stream and I really don't know what I said, but I got down on one knee and asked her if she wanted to marry me...and she said YES!

From Amber's point of view: " I was really surprised the day he proposed. I didn't think I would be as we had already been talking about it. But boy Travis still surprised me. I had told him I wasn't picky with my ring and didn't want him to go in debt for my wedding ring and I was okay with cheaper options.  When Travis had asked me to go horseback riding it was not a good day to me.. It was wet and cold and I didn't feel up to going. He was so sweet and took me up the canyon for a ride. We were walking up the trail and he pulled off to the side of the trail. I didn't know what we were doing but I followed. He was telling me how much he loved me and how excited he was to marry me and spend eternity with me and I was just enjoying the moment of him being so sweet, but I was getting cold so I went to put my hands in his pocket and next thing I knew he threw my hand out of his pocket and I was thinking well that was kind of rude..then next thing I knew he was on the ground asking if I would marry him...I had put my hand in his pocket with the ring!!! He told me the diamond was real and paid for and that he had it all set up for me to go design my own ring at the Jeweler  I was SHOCKED. Even though I had told him I was okay with cheaper options it really meant a lot to me that Travis got me a real diamond ring and let me design it. He knows how to make me feel special and worth it!! Love that man and his good sense of taste and style!"

Our Wedding Day

Travis on our Wedding day: " Our wedding was amazing. It was the most perfect day to marry my best friend. She was a half hour late to the wedding, so I played "Waiting on a Woman" by Brad Paisley. She is worth the wait! She looked beautiful! I will always remember that day".

Amber on our Wedding day: " First off I was late because of makeup problems. and Travis was in contact with me throughout the whole day just so we are clear. Our Wedding was beautiful and Travis looked so handsome and excited! He touched me deeply when he got teary eyed when seeing me. It was the perfect way to begin our life together. Hand in Hand, through everything together I am lucky to have my best friend at my side!"

After the Wedding

We are coming up on being married for 4 years on October 17! We can't believe how the time has gone. It has been filled with lots of good memories and hard ones! We have been able to go on some amazing trips together, endure the road of infertility, and venture off on the road of new jobs, and adoption, and Travis's diabetes. It has been quite a journey but we are grateful to have each other and we can't wait what the future brings for us!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Why We Choose Adoption

How we came to this branch in the road where we choose IVF or we choose Adoption was not an easy one to come to.

We have been trying to get pregnant since the day we were married October 17, 2009.

We both love children dearly and have big hearts towards Adoption

Adoption to us is a way for us to bring a child into our home that will create for us a new much more love.

What really got us excited for Adoption is actually in our Church calling when we were teaching the 3 year- old as well as the many nieces and nephews we have.. we love these children so much! That is what touched our hearts that for us Adopting is a way for us to continue to add to our family. 

We felt strongly that there is a child or children out there for us, that is meant to come to our home through an amazing birth mother.

It is hard at times to think about the sacrifice a birth mother makes and the strength and courage it takes to even consider adoption for her child. But we are thankful that there are birth mothers out there that can and do do that for their children. It is the perfect example to us of being a mother and we will strive to be as strong and give everything to that child in our hearts and our home and live up to that strength!

We are excited about this road of Adoption and a little nervous as we haven't done this before. We can't wait for the first moments we will get to experience down this road. 

We hope, we pray, for both sides of this process, that we may be guided and that you will be guided. 

We trust in the timing of things. We want it to be we don't rush this process, we wait, to find her, our birth mom, our angel that will give us more than we can ever pay back. 

We wait patiently for that day when it is not just the two of us...

Please feel free to ask us any questions. This is a huge decision, we understand that. We want anyone and everyone to feel like they can talk with us. Even if your just curious! 

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Friday, October 4, 2013

About Amber


Amber grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah. She was born on December 20th, 1985 alongside her identical twin. She came second, they were born 1 minute apart.

Amber has 1 brother and 3 sisters. Growing up they had an awesome backyard with not one, but two tree houses and they played outside all the time.

Amber's childhood was filled with love, time outdoors, and of course time with animals. One of Amber's earliest stories told of her is her and Ashley (her twin sister) took all of there dog Lady's puppies and placed them in diaper pails and carried them around. The other one is Amber walked their dog in the backyard for hours. She truly has always had a deep love for dogs.

Amber's parents divorced when she was 12 and Amber gained many other family members that have blessed her life. We have a lot of family to love!

In Jr High Amber was found rollerblading around the neighborhood and playing with friends. She also really enjoyed Gymnastics.

In High School is where I met my beautiful wife (see the about us for that story!) Amber was on Student Council all 3 years of High School and was friendly with everyone she met. The Summer before her Senior year Amber and 2 of her sisters were in a car accident. They almost lost Amber's baby sister Kelsie and Amber was in the ICU for a little bit. Her mom tells the story when she needed to have a tube place in her lung to drain the fluid, that all she wanted was her mom to come in and hold her hand. She said Amber barley made a sound and the Doctor was astonished at her strength. I'm not because even though she is small, she has always been really strong and happy! She has such a strong spirit  inside her and I am surprised such a big strong spirit can fit in such a little thing

Now Amber can be found still in the outdoors, playing with our Dog and spending time with the family.  

Through our efforts to bring children into our home Amber has impressed be with her endurance and her determination to not give up hope and that her heart remains wide open to children. 
Amber is such an amazing person. she is a sweet and amazing girl when I met her in High School, and she still is that same sweet and amazing person now. Amber is going to be a great mother one day. Amber is a hard working Instructor at one of our local Collages teaching Dental Assisting. I am so proud of her. She is not afraid to work hard or get dirty, sometimes she even comes help me with plumbing jobs.
I thank my Heavenly Father every day for sending me such a beautiful wife. I can't imagine where I'd be today if we hadn't found each other. Amber is my best friend and I can't wait till our dream comes true when we are blessed to start a family together. I love my Amber so much!!!






KATHERINE NELSON: What's Mine is Yours

Love this video as it portrays the selfless act an birth mom does in sacrificing herself for her child. It also meant a lot to me because it shows the loss of not fulfilling that need and desire to be a mother. It portrays both sides really well. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

About Travis


Travis is my best friend. He is everything I prayed for and I want my children to be just like him. He grew up in Pleasant Grove all his life. He had a wonderful childhood filled with love, fun, discipline and guidance from his parents

He has 2 brothers Ben is the oldest and Brian comes next.


Brian, Travis, Ben, Dan (Father)

Travis has always been really close to his family and they are very supportive of us and him.  


Some of Travis's favorite things from his childhood would be going camping, playing night games with the neighborhood kids, playing baseball, hunting, fishing, boating, and just being with his family.

When we met in high school  what I remember about Travis is he loved to play baseball, hunt and his jeep. 

Travis still loves to play softball, go hunting, and our dog Dane

Travis has such a big heart and is so kind and generous to everyone he meets. He is a great example to me of what a husband, friend, brother, and son is. He knows how to put the people he loves first and foremost. 

I love being married to him because he is there for me through it all. He shows me so much love by the many notes, flowers, presents, hugs and kisses and his constant partnership in the home. There is nothing Travis won't do. Whether it is laundry, cooking, cleaning, crafts I need help with, he is there for me 150%. I have his mother to thank!!!!

What attracted me to Travis is his tender heart, his love for children, and that he truly loved me with all he had and he showed it. His love for children runs deep and I am so grateful for how much he loves children. He is constantly on the floor with them, playing, holding them, and just adores them. He is a well loved Uncle and loved in general by children. We taught in the Primary together and constantly if Travis wasn't there the kids would be asking where he was at. He wasn't afraid to help out with kids while at Church either!

Here is a video of him with our niece Brooklyn:

I can't wait to see Travis with our future children and I am excited as well because I know how much he will help me and that it really is a partnership. He is an amazing provider, leader and support system for our home. 

I love you honey!!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013


After much anticipation and lots of paper work and items to get done....We are approved and are so excited to find our birth mom and be able to start a family one day...

We believe in the timing of things and even though we do want things to be instant..we are learning slowly to appreciate the journey.

We have been blessed with so many loved ones and new friends through this process. We truly have seen the windows of heaven open up to us... SO THANK YOU for touching our lives and reaching out to us!!!